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  • (A) Personal 
  1. All employment cases (Form BE) – ON/BEFORE 30th April
  2. All Business cases (Form B/BE/P) – ON/BEFORE 30th June
  3. Employer’s Remuneration (Form E) – ON/BEFORE 31st March
  • (B) Company (Sdn. Bhd. Or Berhad)
  1. All active and inactive business (Form C & R) must submit within 7 months from financial year-end
  • (C) Penalties
  1. Section 107B(3) – Monthly Tax Installment Payments
    • For Company (Sdn. Bhd.) – the tax installments has to be settled commenting 10th of each month concerned.
    • For Sole-proprietor/Partnership – tax installments has to be settled commenting 28 days from the date mentioned in the CP 500 Notice served. Failure to comply for payment, would render the person/company subject to a 10& penalty within the 1st 30 days from the due date and a further additional penalty of 5% on the next 30 days.
  2. Section 107B(4) – Difference between Tax Estimate and Tax Payable. Should there be a difference on the tax payable for the Year of Assessment concerned in comparison to the estimate/revised estimate given and the difference is in excess of 30% from the actual tax payable, the excess will be subjected to a 10% penalty.


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